Change is coming. SO Let's get ready.
Who are we?
We are permaculture developers at Sylvanaqua Farms: a group of farmers blending ancestral and modern techniques to coax food, fuel, and fiber from intact, naturally-expressed ecosystems. Our mission is to establish this blended use of agriculture, conservation, and human habitation on as much land as possible.
Our specialty is farming on leased and "loaned" landscapes in private institutions, estates, and parks. We are a livestock farm in the process of transitioning to food forest development (which includes livestock) - a transition we will document here.
What this all about?
In 2019, a commission of thirty world-leading scientists from across the globe released a first-of-its-kind scientific consensus defining a diet that reflects healthy and sustainable food production. The report is intended to help stakeholders at every level of the food system - farmers, policymakers, consumers, businesses, food service pros, planners, etc. - orient themselves toward sustainable development over the coming decades.
 This project documents our farm's effort to both eat and grow food in line with what is both healthy and ecologically sustainable.
What are the goals?
Four goals of the commission report spoke to us with particular force:
  • Farms must become net carbon sinks rather than net emitters
  • Global meat consumption must be cut in half
  • Global consumption of veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. must double
  • The total amount of farmland cannot increase
Our goal for this project is to have our farm's production and eating habits reflect this reality.
Feb 15 - March 19, 2019: Pre-season - preparing to shift our personal diets with meal planning, slowly reducing meat consumption, and developing a cultural context for the diet.
March 20, 2019: Begin "enforcing" the Healthy Reference Diet in our personal consumption.
May 2019 - October 2024: Develop the farm's produce, grain, and orchard operations to outpace livestock production, in proportions with the recommendations of the HRD.

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