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It Begins. Awkwardly.

Leftover tortillas and Indian pancakes, being baked up for tortilla chips

We "officially" began our EAT-Lancet program yesterday, at the vernal equinox. It started out well enough with a week-long meal plan Annie labored over for two days, and a quick breakfast of oatmeal, bananas, sliced almonds, and maple syrup... then we quickly realized how many leftovers we had sitting around in the fridge from the preseason. Pho broth, thawed andouille sausage, old tortillas, and stuffed poblanos were all going to go to waste if we followed the meal plan to the letter.

Reducing food waste is a big aspect of the program, so we immediately diverted from the meal plan and decided to churn through the leftovers as quickly as possible - meat included. The pho went last night (and the andouille into the pho); and the tortillas were baked into chips to be served with the poblanos for breakfast this morning. So hopefully, starting this afternoon, we're going to have a clean slate with which to actually start the meal plan.

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