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Preseason Update 3/4/19

This olive crostini isn't ours... but it looks pretty friggin good...

Just in case is wasn't clear from earlier posts, we're spending the time from now until the Spring equinox (3/20/2019) hardening ourselves off of meat. Just a few notes here.

1.) Leaving meat alone is turning out to be easy, but it's also really tempting to fall down the rabbit hole of constantly eating bread, snacks, and ramen. For the winter and early Spring we're going to devote the bits of meat we're allowing ourselves to stocks so we can make a "fancier" kind of pho-like noodle broth.

2.) Annie made a kind of bushman stew that was legumes over full grains; this was great. Very savory, satiating, and devoid of refined grains. This kind of thing is going to become a staple.

3.) When we started out, Annie and I definitely had a huge fight about how this was going to work. She felt like this was going to be a starvation diet. It helped when she sat and listed all the vegetarian meals she already knows how to make. If you're introducing this idea to someone who isn't driving the decision, it's best to come with meal plans in hand.

4.) We're planning a weekend meat "binge," which is a pretty ridiculous term for our intent to dive into a pack of Andouille sausage, giving us each about 1/4 lb of meat. I'm surprised, though, at how looking forward to a celebratory meal of meat is both a.) improving that experience, and b.) making it more interesting to come up with plant-centric meals leading up to it.

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