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Preseason Update 3/9/2019

Breakfast 3/9: pork broth pho w/ side of soppressata

Just a few notes from the last day or two:

1.) It's real easy to cheat a little by going to McDonald's and ordering just fries and shakes. Gonna have to gain the discipline to clamp down on that.

2.) It's about time to start looking for a cold-season CSA or local producer until we're able to get our home gardens sown. We have some items on the Trello board to get our seedings in the ground by the end of the month, but we're not going to have any yield from that until at least May.

3.) I was prepared to assume our first meat-centric meal (and andouille link with peppers on a toasted potato roll) wouldn't be satisfying... but I dare say it really was.

4.) Notes for Winter: prepare to get used to lentils, which can be made surprisingly delicious.

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