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Road Eating; Preseason Update: 3/8/2018

I cannot afford a BMW. But you get the idea.

I wind up on the road for fairly long stretches, like I did the other day having to take a trip to Montpelier to review the planting strategy there. Being on the road hungry is a surefire way to gobble up an entire week's worth of meat allocation in a single sitting, especially if you're not a vegetarian who knows where the good road spots and what the options are.

Just some notes:

1. Helps where possible to know when I'll be on the road for long stretches so I can plan to reduce meat consumption for the rest of the week and just splurge during the trip.

2. Definitely more fun to "stockpile" meat consumption for when you have family and friends over.

Also used up a good 1.5 lbs of pork bones making a pho broth that only yielded two servings. Going to have to stretch those bones with more veggies and spices if we're going to have any hope of staying within the recommended allowances of red meat next winter.

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